Keep These 5 Things In Mind When Auditioning


The Akron Armory was filled with people and the air of anticipation. Family and friends as well as fans from the tri-state area filled every seat. The excitement of the final play-offs was top of mind and the three drum and bugle corps represented were tuning up in the wings. The Eagle’s Nest Drum Corp from Pennsylvanian, The People’s Drum Corp from Illinois and the Ohio Buckeye Drum and Bugles Corp were prepared and ready for the evening. What does it take to get to this point, and farther in a competition?

With the 2015 season behind us, corps are actively recruiting new members. Since there are thousands of entries nationwide and only a handful of elite corps, a marketing and web design company is hired to attract the most talented and dedicated men and women. It takes hours of practice and commitment to get to the level of participation that is required to be in a top notch corp. Sure, the music, the individuals and the teamwork all combine to support the thrill that makes up the base of any group, but pride is at its core. Personal pride and pride of home and country.

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